Y6 Long term plan – September 2016

Year 6 had a fantastic time on their residential visit to Crowden Outdoor Activity Centre.  

Their daring activities included: kayaking, abseiling, zip wire and crate stack.  After their exciting  challenges they had delicious, home-cooked meals and then had time to relax with friends. All pupils and staff  thoroughly enjoyed the trip and highly recommend  the visit to  the current Year 5  children!

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Year 6 had a great day at the CLC learning how to code.

They all started to programme an interactive game using a programme called Scratch and used iPads to programme a Sphero to move and talk.

The Year 6s have joined up with the Year 3s as a Christmas treat to spend some time reading with them.

All of the Year 3s really enjoyed their time with the older children.

Y5 and Y6 visit to Kingswood

Lots of laughter and discovering a little bit more about themselves and their friends was achieved at Kingswood this year!  Children from Years 5 and 6 had a fantastic time experiencing new challenges, including zip wire, leap of faith and night-line.

Year Five Music Lessons

Every Monday afternoon the children in Year Five receive music lessons. The children are making good progress and are now able to play a simple tune. All of the children really enjoy their weekly music lessons.

National Space Centre

Year Five went on a trip to the National Space Centre. The children were really excited on the coach journey and looking forward to the visit  When the children arrived they took part in a Mars landing workshop which consisted of designing and building the best parachute that would  land a rover on Mars.
The children also enjoyed the Planetarium, where they watched a film about Astronauts. The children found out lots of information which will help them with this terms topic work.

A trip to the Deep…


Dear Class 3,

1I have recently been on a school trip to The Deep so I am obviously the best person to tell you about The Deep. It is simply the best place in the entire world to go if you want to learn about marine life. You can see a range of amazing and colourful fish and lot’s more. Would you want to miss out on this amazing experience? Come on let’s take a trip!

3Firstly, you will arrive at the Scenic Lift, the best lift to have ever been in an aquarium. Not only does the Scenic Lift have sharks to be seen but it also has many rare, patterned and tropical fish. Most agree that the view of the aquatic fish is jaw-dropping but as you elevate through The Deeps biggest tank the sight gets even better. From the Scenic Lift you can see ¼ of The Deeps most endangered fish.

4Secondly, you will arrive at the Viewing Tunnel. Watch the outstanding shark, stingrays and colourful fish glide above your head. Not only is the tunnel strong, but it can hold the weight of 5 fully grown elephants. Above all, the aquatic creatures aren’t just swimming past you, they’re also swimming above you!

Next you will arrive at the Lagoon of Light. The Lagoon of Light is a breath-taking tropical lagoon. Here you can see hundreds of amazing, colourful and magnificent fish. Watch stingray, Silver Dollar and butterflyfish drift by your eyes! 60% of the fish are endangered.

6Finally, you will arrive at the Kingdom of Ice. Here you will see the playful, cute and gentle Gentoo penguins. Experience what it feels like to live in an ice kingdom like the Gentoo penguins. Above all you can learn about the Gentoo penguin’s natural habitat.

Everyone knows that a trip to The Deep is fun. But going to The Deep is a dream come true. Wouldn’t you love to come here too?


Georgia and Charlie.

Book week in Year 4…

As part of book week the children in school were able to come to school dressed as their favourite character from a book. Year Four came dressed as a variety of characters

Recently, Year 4 were visited by a Roman called Prima.

She had been sent to find out if we wanted to join the Roman Army.  During the morning she showed us the armour and weapons that Roman Soldiers would have used.  Next, we looked at the equipment with which a new soldier would have been provided.

In the afternoon, we made an oil lamp from clay, handled artefacts, made a ‘bula’ to wear and made a scroll in Latin script.

Class 3 went to the Jorvik Centre in York to find out about the Vikings

The children went to the Viking Centre in York and travelled back in time as we went down the stairs through hundreds of years.  When we reached the bottom we stood in front of a Viking lady who told us about the Viking house.  Then we moved through the centre and travelled through Jorvik, a Viking village, where we experienced many daily activities from the Viking times and the smells of the time. We also learnt about the food the Vikings ate and then watched some real Viking money being made.

After lunch we went on an archaeological dig where we discovered all about the different time periods of the city of York. The children really enjoyed this activity. We then joined a workshop on sagas.  This helped use to learn about how stories were passed down through the Viking age as they didn’t have books.  During this workshop four children acted one of the sagas, this was the one about how Thor lost his hammer.

All the children and staff enjoyed the day at the Viking Centre and we learnt a lot more about how the Vikings lived.