Long term plan y3 

Ewden Water Treatment Works

On Tuesday, 15th May, Class 3 went on a school trip to the Ewden Water Treatment Works to help us with our learning for our topic Flow.  We had a great day learning about the water cycle, how water is cleaned ready for use and water aid.  The children were able to join in during different activities to help them remember the different pieces of information they were given.  Class 3 had a fantastic day.

Matchday Mementoes

Rotherham Titans Rugby Match

On Saturday 9th December Ms Roddis and a group of our parents took some of the year three children to the Rotherham Titans rugby match where the children were asked to form the guard of honour as the players came on to the pitch . The children were also able to see the ‘Pre-match analysis’ led by the Coaching Staff and Players. The children had a wonderful experience and we would like to thank Rotherham Titans for inviting us to take part.

Year 3 went to Rother Valley Country Park to learn about rivers.

First the children walked around the lake.  Then they  completed a river studies workshop before exploring the rest of the park.

The Taps Project with year three. 

The children in year three worked with two artist on creating taps that will be put on display from the old Guest and Chrimes building to Holmes lock as part of a project around celebrating the history of the steel and manufacturing industry in Rotherham .
The children worked with clay and produced a variety of taps which will now be put in the kiln to bake. In a few weeks time the two artist will come back to help the children glaze their taps.
The children had a wonderful afternoon

The Year 6s have joined up with the Year 3s as a Christmas treat to spend some time reading with them.

All of the Year 3s really enjoyed their time with the older children.

Pirate Treasure Hunt!

A couple of weeks ago, Class 2 was broken into and precious gold was taken from our treasure chest. The culprits left a trail of evidence including sand, seaweed, shells, an eye patch and an empty bottle of grog. The police suspected it was pirates!

Today, we received a letter and an old scroll found by the police. We worked together to solve a series of tricky clues which finally led us to our missing treasure! Blackbeard is still on the loose but thankfully we have our treasure back. What a fantastic pirate day we’ve all had!

Class 1 and Class 2 took part in a Children’s Festival at Magna last week.

We had a great day learning to play the drums, dancing and making masks. We then came together at the end of the day with other schools to perform in a carnival. It was really fun!



We have had a very busy time in Class 2 preparing for our SATs.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 14.10.44Everyone has worked very hard to try their best so we had a special Friday cinema afternoon to celebrate the end of them! We enjoyed crisps and buns as a special treat while we watched a film.

We are very proud of all the children’s hard work and would like to thank all parents and guardians for their support.

Enjoy your weekend ‘homework’ Class 2!

Our beautiful butterflies!

This half term, class 2 have been learning about minibeasts. To help us learn about life cycles, we got some baby caterpillars and observed how they grew and changed. The first photograph shows how tiny they were at the beginning! After 10 days they were big, fat and hairy and by day 12 they had turned into chrysalises. We watched eagerly and by day 20 they had transformed into beautiful butterflies! When they were ready, we released them into the wild. It was amazing watching them flutter about and some even landed on us!

This half term, Class 2 are learning all about minibeasts.

We were curious to find out what sort of minibeasts live within our school environment so decided to investigate. We looked in different habitats such as under rocks, in the soil, on plants and even in the sky. We used a tally to record what we saw. The minibeasts we found were snails, bees, ants, woodlice, flies, worms, ladybirds, spiders and slugs!