Today was pirate day in Class 2!

This morning we received a letter from PC Button who had been investigating our pirate break in. We solved a series of clues which led to our stolen gold doubloons! During the afternoon we took part in a pirate puppet making workshop and had lots of fun being creative. Our puppets looked fantastic! Thank you to all who took part and came to help, it was a great day!

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Class 2 went to Conisbrough Castle…

…to find out all about medieval life and castle structures. First we listened to a story about Lord Hamelin and Lady Isabel who lived in the castle when it was build 850 years ago. We had lots of fun dressing up and preparing for a royal feast! After that we went inside the keep and learned that life was very different to how we live now. They had no running water or central heating – only a well and a real fire! Then we went to the top of the keep and could see for miles! Finally we walked around the bailey and saw the great hall, the chapel, the kitchen and houses where villagers lived. We all had a fantastic day!

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Year Two Scarborough

On Tuesday, Class 2 visited Scarborough to learn about sea creatures and coastal features. We began by creating beach art to demonstrate how tides are made and then had a picnic on the beach.  After that we went rock pooling, collected shells and even managed to catch some crabs! At the end of the day we had more fun playing in the sand. It was a fantastic trip and we all had a great day!

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Class 2 had a fantastic day for Pirate Day yesterday!

In the morning we went on a treasure hunt to look for our missing treasure. We had to solve cryptic clues which led us to the gold! In the afternoon we followed instructions to create moving mouth pirate puppets. Thank you to all the parents/carers that helped with this. We had a brilliant day!

Class 2 visited Conisbrough Castle this week.

First, we learned all about Lord Hamelin and Lady Isabel, who lived in the castle when it was built 850 years ago. Later, we explored the inside of the keep and even went to the top – we could see for miles! After that, we looked around the inner bailey and found out what the different rooms used to be. We all had a fantastic time!

This half term, Class One have been learning all about British Woodlands.

On Thursday 7th July 2016, we were lucky enough to have a tree surgeon visit our class. He explained why he fells tress and how he does this, then showed us the different types of protective clothing he has to wear. Some of the children even tried on his helmet and ear defenders! After that, we all learned how to tie a special knot, one that Mr Furniss uses regularly in his job.

It is a very exciting but dangerous job! Thank you very much for coming to see us!

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Class 1 and Class 2 took part in a Children’s Festival at Magna last week.

We had a great day learning to play the drums, dancing and making masks. We then came together at the end of the day with other schools to perform in a carnival. It was really fun!



Let’s all go on a dinosaur hunt!

Class One were excited to hear that there had been a possible sighting of a dinosaur in Kimberworth! We decided to go on a dinosaur hunt where we used magnifying glasses to identify clues! On our hunt we discovered four incredible dinosaur eggs, a huge dinosaur footprint and even a little gap under the fence where we believe a baby dinosaur had escaped!

Keep your eyes peeled in and around school….there may be more clues to help Class One piece their puzzle together!

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.31.54

Last week, Class One created their very own dinosaurs using plasticine ready for our trip to CLC! Once at CLC, we spent the morning filming our story using stop frame animation, where we had to be very patient and only move the models a little bit at a time! After dinner, we edited our films by adding a title, a sound track and inserting freeze frame pictures of dinosaurs. What a brilliant day!

We hope you enjoy The Three Little Dinosaurs.


Moon Zoom! – Year One

As part of our topic, Moon Zoom, Class One have been busy designing and creating their own moon buggies, just like The Lunar Rover!

Children worked in pairs, using different materials to build their buggy, then decorated them! Finally they fixed axels to the bottom, and four wheels to enable the buggies to move!

Please come and see them on display in Class One!