At Kimberworth Community Primary School we are beginning to develop the children’s understanding of technology through the use of a 3D printer.

The children are really amazed at the fact they can design pretty much anything they want and can print it out to develop a 3D model.
So far we’ve used the printer in school as part of enterprise work, making and selling Christmas decorations which the children also decorated using glitter.


We’ve also brought it into the curriculum and linked it into Ancient Egyptian Work in Year Five this half term where children have used the TinkerCad Software to design and make 3D cartouches using hieroglyphics.

The scheme has been really inspirational and is driving learning forward as technology advances. 

Over the next 2 years, we plan to embed the use of the 3D printer across the curriculum and ensure that children are regularly provided with opportunity to use science, technology, engineering, and maths in their work. To introduce the concept to the younger children in school it is hoped they will be able to create 2D drawings which can then be brought to life and printed out as a 3D model.

We aim to use the 3D printer across the National Curriculum to support children in developing their creativity and imagination, speaking and listening skills, writing opportunities as well as enabling children to investigate problem solving and evaluating work.


Today was pirate day in Class 2!

This morning we received a letter from PC Button who had been investigating our pirate break in. We solved a series of clues which led to our stolen gold doubloons! During the afternoon we took part in a pirate puppet making workshop and had lots of fun being creative. Our puppets looked fantastic! Thank you to all who took part and came to help, it was a great day!

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This week (5 -11 February 2018) it’s Children’s Mental Health Week.

Run by school-based children’s mental health charity Place2Be, this year’s theme ‘Being Ourselves’ invites everyone to come together and celebrate their uniqueness.

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Awards 3rd February 2018

A message from Dr Digger…

When we arrived at school today, we had received a video from Dr Digger, a palaeontologist from The Natural History Museum.

He told us that a dinosaur had been spotted at Kimberworth Community Primary School, and it had laid some eggs in our playground!!

He asked us to help him look for the eggs…so off we went on a dinosaur egg hunt. We were so excited and couldn’t believe what we found….

Come and have a look in Foundation Two to see for yourself!!

Certificates for 26 January 2018

Dates and Information

School breaks up for half term on Friday 9th February at normal time

School reopens on Monday 19th February

School closes for Easter on Thursday 22nd March at normal time

School reopens on Monday 9th April


Parent, Child, Teacher Assertive Mentoring Meetings 9am, till 5pm

  • Monday 5th March – Y2 and Y6 Assertive mentoring meeting with parents
  • Tuesday 6th March – Y3 and Y5 Assertive mentoring meeting with parents
  • Wednesday 7th March – Y4 and F2 Assertive mentoring meeting with parents
  • Thursday 8th March – Y1 and F1 Assertive mentoring meeting with parents

Certificates for 19th January 2018

Reading Certificates December 2017

Congratulations to the following children for receiving their reading certificates for reading three or more times a week this half term. The biggest gift you can give your children is to get them reading and praise them when they choose to do so without being asked. If children are motivated to do something on their own they will do so much better in the long run. We thank you for all the help and support you give your children with Reading.