Picture This

All the children have been working on art work for this years theme for ‘Picture This’  based around the artwork of Children’s Games by Pieter Bruegel.

Flemish painter, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, painted “Children’s Games” in 1560. The painting provides a window into amusements and recreations in the past in its detailed depiction of some 200 children engaged in nearly eighty different games and play activities.

The children used this picture as a stimulus to produce their own pieces of art work depicting children’s games.

Some of the children’s work has been chosen to go to the ‘Picture This’ Exhibition which is taking place at Magna.

Year Two Scarborough

On Tuesday, Class 2 visited Scarborough to learn about sea creatures and coastal features. We began by creating beach art to demonstrate how tides are made and then had a picnic on the beach.  After that we went rock pooling, collected shells and even managed to catch some crabs! At the end of the day we had more fun playing in the sand. It was a fantastic trip and we all had a great day!

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Rotherham Mela



Reading Certificates May 2017

Congratulations to the following children for receiving their reading certificates for reading three or more times a week this half term. The biggest gift you can give your children is to get them reading and praise them when they choose to do so without being asked. If children are motivated to do something on their own they will do so much better in the long run. We thank you for all the help and support you give your children with Reading.



Sports Day

Tuesday 20th June

Foundation Stage Two, Year One and Year Two in the morning from 9.15

Year Three, Year Four, Year Five and Year Six  in the afternoon from 1.20pm

Every One Welcome

Assertive Mentoring Meetings 9am till 5pm

You may collect your child’s report at their Assertive Mentoring Meeting

Monday 19th June  – Year Three and Year One

Wednesday 21st June – Year Four and Year Five

Thursday 22nd June – Year Six and Year Two

Tuesday 27th June – Foundation Stage One and Foundation Stage Two

The Taps Project with year three. 

The children in year three worked with two artist on creating taps that will be put on display from the old Guest and Chrimes building to Holmes lock as part of a project around celebrating the history of the steel and manufacturing industry in Rotherham .
The children worked with clay and produced a variety of taps which will now be put in the kiln to bake. In a few weeks time the two artist will come back to help the children glaze their taps.
The children had a wonderful afternoon

School Uniform

New Uniform Process

We have made changes to the way you purchase our official school uniform. The school office will no longer sell uniform, instead we have teamed up with Tesco and you will now be able to order embroidered uniform directly from their online site.

Stock & Prices

You can find our school shop at this link: www.tesco.com  or click on the image below.

A 5% cash donation from every order goes directly to school.

click to go the school shop on the Tesco website



Dates and Information

  • Friday 26th May – School closes for half term at normal time
  • Monday 5th June – Inset day– School closed
  • Tuesday 6th June – School reopens for the children at normal time
  • Thursday 8th June – Polling Day, Inset Day – School closed
  • Friday 9th June – School reopens for the children at normal time
  • Tuesday 25thJuly – School closes for holiday at 1pm

Sports Day Tuesday 20th June –

  • Key Stage One and Foundation Stage Two in the morning
  • Key Stage Two in the afternoon

Assertive Mentoring Meetings and Records of Achievements 9am till 5pm

  • Monday 19th June – Year Three and Year One
  • Wednesday 21st June – Year Four and Year Five
  • Thursday 22nd June – Year Six and Year Two
  • Tuesday 27th June – Foundation Stage One and Foundation Stage Two

Maternity Cover

Mrs E Jessop, the Year Three teacher will be going on maternity leave in June.

From the 6th June the Year Three class will be taught by Ms Roddis full time and Year One will be taught by Mrs Malin full time.


Year 6 had a fantastic time on their residential visit to Crowden Outdoor Activity Centre.  

Their daring activities included: kayaking, abseiling, zip wire and crate stack.  After their exciting  challenges they had delicious, home-cooked meals and then had time to relax with friends. All pupils and staff  thoroughly enjoyed the trip and highly recommend  the visit to  the current Year 5  children!

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