Reading Certificates October 2018

Congratulations to the following children for receiving their reading certificates for reading three or more times a week this half term. We thank you for all the help and support you give your children with Reading.

Newsletter October 2018


Dear Parent/ Carers,

Kimberworth Community Primary School will be supporting this year’s World Mental Health Day. On the 10th October ALL children & staff can wear YELLOW non-uniform clothing and accessories if they bring a £1 donation to school for the Young Minds charity.

What does the charity do?

Young Minds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

Jade Zelkowicz, Community Fundraising Manager for Young Minds, said: “We know that young people face a huge range of pressures, including exam stress and concerns about body image. To make matters worse, when young people reach out for help it can be incredibly difficult to find it”.

In its 25th year, the charity is aiming to raise £2.5m to help young people get the help they need when it comes to their mental health. Kimberworth Primary is #FightingFor young people’s mental health by raising donations.

You can find even more information and fellow fundraisers by following the #FightingFor & #HelloYellow hashtags.

Yours Sincerely,

Ms A. Roddis
Class Teacher & SENDCO

Music Mark…

Year 2 went to Conisbrough castle!

First we had a workshop where we learnt about the history of the castle and what it would have been like to live there as Lord Hamlin and Lady Isabelle. After that we explored the inner bailey, discovering the different areas where the people would have worked and how they would have defended the castle. Then we went into the keep! We saw how the Lord, Lady and special guests would have lived. Finally it was time to go home after a very exciting castle adventure.


Another fabulous residential for Year 6 at Crowden Outdoor Educational Centre!

Pupils took part in Problem Solving, Abseiling, Kayaking, Zip Wiring and Crate Stack – challenging themselves and working together as a team.  A great time was had by children and staff.

Year 5 parents watch this space… we will be holding a meeting for next years visit soon!


26th September 2018

Dear Parent/Carer,

Regular and punctual attendance of pupils at school is both a legal requirement and a priority for us at Kimberworth Primary School in order to maximise the educational opportunities available to pupils and ensure that pupils reach their full academic potential.

School Attendance Target

In order to promote this and ensure consistency across schools within the area, as a learning community, we are setting our school attendance target at 97% this year. 97% attendance equates to 5 days of absence across one full academic year. As in previous years your child’s attendance level will be available on their Assertive Mentoring reports each term. Rewards for regular punctual attendance will continue with Attendance Shop taking place at the end of term and Bronze, Silver and Gold awards issued for one, two or three full terms of attendance. Any children whose attendance or punctuality causes concern will be informed and offered support from school to increase attendance. If there is no improvement referrals into the Early Help and Family Engagement Team will be made.

Term Time Leave and Unauthorised Absence

Over the summer holidays Rotherham MBC has changed their policy on when Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) will be administered for unauthorised absences. This is in response to the Government concerns around attendance in schools falling and the significant impact this could have on a child’s education. We have to refer parents for a FPN if the child’s overall attendance is affected by the unauthorised absences taken. Please see the criteria below with changes to the code of conduct-

  •  A Fixed Penalty Notice should be issued for holidays in term time when a child’s attendance falls below the combined national average percentage (currently this is 95.3% for 2016-2017)
  • The time period considered has been amended to include the holiday period and the previous 12 months attendance.

As a result of this amendment we would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that time off school for holidays is not a right. Parents are strongly advised to complete an application form, with appropriate evidence, in advance of the booking any intended holiday. Schools within the Learning Community will then consider every application individually; their policy is NOT to grant any leave of absence other than in the most exceptional of circumstances.

If a request for term time leave has not been authorised and you take your child out of school during term time, you can be referred to the Local Authority who have the powers to issue a fixed penalty notice · £60 per parent per child if paid within 21 days. ·£120 per parent per child if paid 21-28 days.

Yours Sincerely,

M Tapp


Year 4 in the balance…

Class 4 have been worked really hard on balancing in their gymnastics lesson this week. They have practised a range of balances and then worked in groups to perform each other’s ideas. They are looking forward to linking these balances and creating sequences on apparatus over the next few weeks. Here are some photographs from the session.