Last term Class 6 studied the Victorians. It was called the Victorian period because it was the time that Queen Victoria reigned. We learnt how to write biographies and carried out research, so that we could write her life story. We found out that she is the longest reigning monarch we have ever had.

During our topic we learnt what life might have been like for us if we had lived in that era. At our age, some of us might have been sweeping chimneys, working in a match factory or in the mines. All of these were extremely dangerous jobs. We used what we knew to create storyboards at the CLC using a program called Kar2ouche.

We also looked at what school life was like in the Victorian times. In order to gain some first hand experience, we visited a Victorian school in Sheffield for the day and took on the role of a Victorian child who attended there many years ago. We took part in different lessons that they would have had to do, such as drill, reading, arithmetic and handwriting. The head teacher, and teacher there were very strict – more strict than even Mrs Edwards!