Bridge Investigation : Year Three and Year Four

We had to design a structure that would produces the strongest bridge

We had to build the strongest possible bridge using only straws and tape.

Once we had designed our bridges we worked with our groups to make the bridges using only straws and tape. We had to think about the size of our bridge as when we tested them they would be placed between two tables of equal height with a cup of pennies on top of each bridge to test if they were strong enough to support the weight.  We built our bridges and then tested them to find out which was the strongest.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!!

We had to investigate what makes the best rocket We followed a set of instructions to make a water bottle rocket in our groups.

We added on fins and a nose cone to help the rocket fly in a straight line, and also designed a launch pad platform. Next we went outside and set up our launch pads and then connected our rockets to a bike pump. The teachers pumped up the bottle and we they watched them shoot in the air and measured how far they flew so that we could investigate which was the best design .


Tea Strength

We had to investigate what affects the strength of tea?

We had to consider the following:

The type of tea bag, the temperature of the water, the amount of milk added, the time we leave a tea bag in water, tea bag shape, type of tea e.g. herbal etc

We had to think which factors we would need to keep the same such as the amount of liquid used, time left in water, same cups etc.

We then tested the tea bags by placing some warm tap water into a cup. We had to dip filter paper into this and leave for 5 seconds and then place on a plate to dry.  Next we added 1 tea bag to the cup and left for 1minute.  We use the filter paper again dipping the end into the liquid and labelling with the teabag type. We repeated this with the same tea bag for 5 minutes using different strips of filter paper.

We repeated this with other tea bags and made observations so that we could compare all the different tea bags to find out which was the strongest tea

Super Sunglasses Investigation

Super Sunglasses

We had to investigate which sunglasses that we made offered the best protection. We worked in group to decide what equipment we could use to represent the sun such as a torch. We decided what materials we could use for different tints for the sunglasses lenses such as coloured cellophane, tissue paper etc.

We made our sunglasses and then set up a fair test.   We then tested our sunglasses to see what material gave the best protection from the light