Dear Class 3,

1I have recently been on a school trip to The Deep so I am obviously the best person to tell you about The Deep. It is simply the best place in the entire world to go if you want to learn about marine life. You can see a range of amazing and colourful fish and lot’s more. Would you want to miss out on this amazing experience? Come on let’s take a trip!

3Firstly, you will arrive at the Scenic Lift, the best lift to have ever been in an aquarium. Not only does the Scenic Lift have sharks to be seen but it also has many rare, patterned and tropical fish. Most agree that the view of the aquatic fish is jaw-dropping but as you elevate through The Deeps biggest tank the sight gets even better. From the Scenic Lift you can see ¼ of The Deeps most endangered fish.

4Secondly, you will arrive at the Viewing Tunnel. Watch the outstanding shark, stingrays and colourful fish glide above your head. Not only is the tunnel strong, but it can hold the weight of 5 fully grown elephants. Above all, the aquatic creatures aren’t just swimming past you, they’re also swimming above you!

Next you will arrive at the Lagoon of Light. The Lagoon of Light is a breath-taking tropical lagoon. Here you can see hundreds of amazing, colourful and magnificent fish. Watch stingray, Silver Dollar and butterflyfish drift by your eyes! 60% of the fish are endangered.

6Finally, you will arrive at the Kingdom of Ice. Here you will see the playful, cute and gentle Gentoo penguins. Experience what it feels like to live in an ice kingdom like the Gentoo penguins. Above all you can learn about the Gentoo penguin’s natural habitat.

Everyone knows that a trip to The Deep is fun. But going to The Deep is a dream come true. Wouldn’t you love to come here too?


Georgia and Charlie.