The children are really amazed at the fact they can design pretty much anything they want and can print it out to develop a 3D model.
So far we’ve used the printer in school as part of enterprise work, making and selling Christmas decorations which the children also decorated using glitter.


We’ve also brought it into the curriculum and linked it into Ancient Egyptian Work in Year Five this half term where children have used the TinkerCad Software to design and make 3D cartouches using hieroglyphics.

The scheme has been really inspirational and is driving learning forward as technology advances. 

Over the next 2 years, we plan to embed the use of the 3D printer across the curriculum and ensure that children are regularly provided with opportunity to use science, technology, engineering, and maths in their work. To introduce the concept to the younger children in school it is hoped they will be able to create 2D drawings which can then be brought to life and printed out as a 3D model.

We aim to use the 3D printer across the National Curriculum to support children in developing their creativity and imagination, speaking and listening skills, writing opportunities as well as enabling children to investigate problem solving and evaluating work.