Art & Design

In Year 1…

…the children have been exploring painting techniques to recreate the Van Gogh painting Starry Night. They added white to mix different tints of blue.

in Year 2

…take a look at our fantastic work around the local artist Joe Scarborough. The children explored how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours to use in their final group piece inspired by our local area.

In Year 3

… the children have been observing the work of collage artist Robin Brooks. They chose their colours purposefully, creating their own painted paper to use in their collage. They explored how to create texture by ripping the paper and building up the different shades. Their finished volcano pieces convey atmosphere.

In Year 4…

…the children have been learning about the American artist Vincent Scarpace. They explored how to create warm and cold colours. The children explored how to sketch different parts of a fish to use in their final pieces.

In Year 5…

…the children have been inspired by the art of Henry Rosseau. The children have been exploring different drawing techniques such as hatching and cross-hatching and investigating light and dark.  They used this knowledge in their final pieces using the media of watercolour pencils.

In Year 6…

…the children explored the work of Australian artist Lucy Arnold. They explored the use of acrylic paint – using the pouring technique to form the background and exploring colour mixing to create the detail of the butterflies.