Information for Day care and Foundation Stage Parents


Here is information that parents can use  to support their child’s learning at home. It includes the ages and stages of development expected for children in Day Care and in the Foundation Stage.

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The Castle on the Hill…

Foundation 2 went on a wonderful trip to Lincoln Castle. We had a walk around the castle wall where we learned lots more facts. Then we all got dressed up in medieval costumes and enjoyed a yummy banquet! After that we made a magical potion to help the resident dragon, Dennis escape the wicked witch!

Big Garden Birdwatch

On Monday  30th January, children in Foundation took part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. The children worked in pairs to look and record the birds they saw in our playground.  In one hou
r, we recoded 9 magpies, 3 collared doves, 11 Sparrows, 8 Blackbirds, 9 wood pigeons and 1 Robin.  The children were really quiet and showed great patience during the bird watch. We then logged onto the RSPB website, and put our results into the National Survey.

Next week we are going to make bird feeders to hang in our playground, to attract more birds!

Fairy tale Friday!

As part of our topic in Foundation, we held a fairy tale dressing up day. We had fairies, princess’, knights and handsome princes. Even a scary witch! (Mrs Turner)

We invited our parents to listen to the songs and watch our medieval and ball dances that we had been practising!

Autumn Time in Foundation

During this half term, we have had a wonderful time in Foundation looking for signs of Autumn! Children enjoyed exploring the local area, where they found some beautiful leaves, conkers and other seeds. We brought them back into the class, where the children produced some lovely pictures and leaf rubbings. They also enjoyed looking at pumpkins, and other seasonal vegetables.

Thank you…

… to all the parents who came for our games session to introduce our new games lending library. We hope you all enjoy playing them! A big thank you to F2 parents for coming along to our Guided Reading Workshops. We hope you found them helpful.

Our class dinosaur Trevor went missing.

Our class dinosaur Trevor went missing. We made missing posters to try to locate him. We learnt he had gone to rescue the last dinosaurs on earth on dinosaur island with Katy and Tom. We made plans to help rescue the dinosaurs from the volcano about to erupt. We sent messages in bottles to Trevor. Trevor returned this week. We interviewed him to find out all about dinosaur island. Katy and Tom sent us some dinosaur eggs to look after. We used a map to find them in our outdoor area. We hope they hatch soon!

We have been finding out about dinosaurs. 

We received some mysterious bones found at the bottom of the field.  Patrick the palaeontologist asked us to investigate them. We have been measuring the bones and arranging them into a skeleton to see which dinosaur they might have come from. We have been making dinosaur worlds and creating our own new dinosaurs in dough. We have been sorting dinosaurs by their features.

Early Years Christmas Newsletter

Early Years Christmas Newsletter

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We found out about what a fire fighter does when the fire service came to visit us in Foundation.

We learnt why it is important to have a smoke alarm. We learnt how to stop, drop and roll if we catch fire. We tried even tried out the hoses!