Whilst we were there we joined a workshop on sagas.  This helped use to learn about how stories were passed down through the Viking age as they didnt have books.  During this workshop four children acted out one of the sages, this was the one about how Thor lost his hammer.  Our story teller played a game with us which was the Viking version of Simon Says.  All children and teachers were very engaged during the workshop. 

After lunch we went to the Viking centre and travelled back in time as we went down the stairs through hundreds of years.  When we reached the bottom we stood in front of a Viking man who told us about the house. We explored part of the dig site that was below our feet.  Then we moved through the centre and travelled through Jorvik, a Viking village, where we experienced many daily activities from the Viking times and the smells of the time.  (All of the children loved this part.)  After the ride we learnt about the food the Vikings ate and finally watched some real Viking money being made.

 All the children and staff enjoyed their day with the Vikings and we learnt a lot more about how the Vikings lived.