Class 4 have been learning all about keeping our bodies healthy. We planned a fair test to investigate the effects of different drinks on our teeth. The drinks we tested were: water, milk, orange juice, cola, energy drink, oasis and ribena. After one week we looked at the eggs carefully to see what had happened.

The photographs show what we found out.
The eggs which were left in the sugary drinks were the most damaged. The shells had changed colour, bubbled and started to flake off. The worst effected eggs were the ones left in cola and the energy drink. The eggs in the water and milk were the least damaged eggs.
We have learned how important it is to think about what we are drinking each day. We need to drink lots of water and milk and only drink sugary drinks on special occasions. Also we need to brush our teeth morning and night to prevent the damage which sugar can cause which we evaluated in our investigation.