We undertook a forensic science topic which was based on a pearl ring that had been stolen over the school holidays.  Class 5 became detectives and were visited by the local police who explained techniques which could be used to solve crimes.  We learnt about how each person has a unique genetic code and DNA and that this can be used to identify people.  We used chromatography, which separates pen ink to help us establish which pen had been used to write a note about the missing ring.  Class 5 were in regular contact with the local police and sent them emails to help them with their enquires, explaining any new leads or evidence which they had discovered.



Class 5 have been investigating how fairgrounds have developed over the centuries.  We have learnt about the great inventor Frederick Savage and how he revolutionised the fairground by producing steam powered rides.  We produced information books in literacy based on the history of fairgrounds and a selection of pages from these books can be found on the display board.  The children were really enthusiastic about this work and put a great amount of effort into producing such high quality written work.


We have also learnt about fairgrounds from a scientific viewpoint and discovered the scientific forces at work on fairground rides.  Class 5 also explored the reasons why gravity doesn’t pull a roller coaster towards Earth when it spins upside down.  We did this by conducting an investigation involving swinging a bucket of water over our heads!  We have also investigated how artists create a sense of movement by using smudging and dragging techniques and have applied this knowledge to our own images which demonstrate fairground rides in action.