These photographs show work that we created during our Dreams and Schemes fortnight. 

When we arrived a school we immediately noticed that something was different. Dreamcatchers filled our corridor, classroom and even outdoor areas!

Immediately we discussed these questions – What did you see? Where did you see them? What do they look like? What are they? How did they get there? A huge dreamcatcher had appeared in the hall and during assembly a strange man staggered in sleepily.

This created so much discussion because we were curious to find the answers to these questions…

Who is he? Why is he in assembly? Might he have been asleep? Was he dreaming? Is he nocturnal? Why is he here? What is his mission? Is there a link between the dream catchers and the sleepy man?

We worked with the sleepy man, PJ, and used drama to help him to retell a dream he had had which involved a very special mango tree which was surrounded by monkeys close to the Himalayas in India.

Unfortunately, PJ told us that he woke up before the dream ended and so we were given the task of becoming the Dream Makers.

We imagined how his dream might end and worked in small groups to record this.

During our Dreams and Schemes fortnight, we also followed instructions to make our own dream catchers and then wrote our own sets of instructions.

We used a range of materials and practiced our cutting skills to make a collage of a monkey and we made mixed media pictures of a mango tree.

We began by painting a wash for the background; next we blended oil pastels to create the tree and finally we added glass beads to represent the mangoes.