This half term the children will be learning all about bones and muscles because they are studying the human skeletal and muscular system for their topic!

In order to make learning more interesting, relevant and fun for the children we always try to link their topic area to their writing and reading. For this reason we have been looking at the ‘Funnybones’ series of stories by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

Our ‘Funnybones’  literacy/reading display in our classroom  helps to remind us of the books that we have read and shows us the ways in which the authors have used repetition in the stories to make them funnier and to grab our attention.

The children have looked at the familiar settings of these stories and have used this idea of a familiar setting to create their own comic strip. They have drawn their own pictures to illustrate their stories and these have been presented in the style of a comic strip.

They have also been using their I.C.T skills to incorporate these comic strips onto the computers. The children have seemed to enjoy this process whilst, at the same time have been learning some valuable skills!

Over the coming weeks the class will be adding to our Funny Bones topic display and will be carrying out research, so that they can write an information text about bones and muscles. They will be learning about what the function of the skeletal system and the muscular system is.  They will also be looking into what makes up each of the systems. The children have already learnt what many of the major bones and muscles are called and are becoming quite adept at recalling them. Perhaps we have some budding doctors on our hands, or archaeologists!