We have further developed Global and anti- racist perspectives,(GARP), by placing the school curriculum within a broader global context. 

All areas of study, from Foundation stage through to Key stage 2, now incorporate the Global dimension. Opportunities are given which help them appreciate the similarities between each other, and to value diversity.

The skills which the children develop enable them to combat injustice, prejudice and discrimination within a global community.

The photographs show some work from Global book week, where Year 2 focused on Kenya. The second photograph was a study of homes around the world.

Year 6 are, at present, measuring their carbon footprint, and devising ways of reducing it at school, and at home.

The school council has discussed various initiatives, such as, ‘Power Rangers’- a group of children who now take responsibility for conserving electricity and water within school; Recycling, Walk to school plan, and Fairtrade.

We have speakers in school assemblies who share stories and photographs of their visits to schools in other countries.