The Partnership began in 2010 as part of a Creative Partners Project at Dalton Listerdale J&I School in Rotherham, UK.  The school’s Creative Practitioner visited Zambia to look for a school that Listerdale could link with. From that, a friendship developed between Listerdale and Mitobo Basic School in Kalulushi, Zambia.  The Ministry of Education and the Mayor of Kalulushi became involved to back the friendship and begin to spread the partnerships with other schools.

Over the next 18 months, Listerdale worked with Mitobo, and partnerships began to develop in other schools in Rotherham and Kalulushi.  During this time, A number of schools in Rotherham put bids in to the British Council to fund reciprocal visits to further develop our links. Rotherham Local Authority  to begin preparation for the Zambian part of the Reciprocal Visit.

In June 2012, six teachers from Rotherham visited Zambia to teach in schools, further develop our links, and to build links between other schools.  In October 2012, five teachers from Zambia visited Rotherham to do the same. Two teachers came to Kimberworth Primary School on Tuesday 9th October and held an assembly with all the children to tell us about their school. The two teachers then looked around our school and talked to the children in the classes.

Kimberworth primary School is going to be linked with Butondo Middle Basi School in Chililabombwe in Zambia as part of our global curriculum. The headteacher is called Mr Rado Kunda. The school is near the Congolese border north of Kalulushi. We are looking forward to learning about each other’s schools.