Although the weather was cold and wet while we were at Kingswood, it didn’t dampen our spirits! Look at how they spent some of their time:

Stretching muscles as well as minds, the children navigated their way up a giant high rope ladder with ever increasing gaps between the rungs. Two at a time, they encouraged and supported each other to get as high as they could.

They challenged themselves and took risks on the leap of faith as they jumped from a ten foot height to catch a mid air suspended trapeze.

On the Nightline activity (a favourite of the mischievous staff!), children were blindfolded and had to work their way through a series of mazes and obstacles as a group, relying heavily on the trust and support of each other.

Class 6 had a fantastic, fun filled time at Kingswood and have lots of memories to look back on. Your turn next Class 5!