At Kimberworth Community Primary School we love reading!

Ensuring that every child learns to read is our highest priority. We have signed up to the South Yorkshire Reading Guarantee as we are committed that

    • Every child will learn to read.
    • Every child will choose to read frequently for pleasure.

We use the Read, Write Inc phonics programme to provide a whole school approach that ensures progress for all children. Any child who needs extra practice will receive daily one-to-one tutoring to help them keep up.

Children in Key Stage 2 continue to read daily and develop their fluency and comprehension skills using the VIPERs approach. Any children who need to continue to develop their phonic skills, accuracy and fluency in upper KS2 will take part in Read Write Inc Fresh Start sessions.

Reading for pleasure is a more important indicator of future success than any socio-economic factors and allows our children to widen their interests and general knowledge, widen their vocabulary and enjoy getting lost in books. Our school library is at the heart of our school and provides a lovely space for classes to share stories and children to read independently, supported by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable junior librarians.

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