imageWe have received further information about free school dinners for children in F2, Y1 and Y2

If you currently receive Free School Meals or are eligible for Free school meals you must still continue to apply in the same way as now whichever class your child is in.

If your child is in F2, Y1 and Y2 from September 2014 and you are eligible for free school meals because you receive Income support, Job seekers allowance, Income related employment and support allowance, Child tax credit and a gross income of less that £16,190 you must complete the free school meals form. These are available from the school office.

If you are not normally eligible for free school meals and normally pay for school meals and your child is in F2, Y1 and Y2 these meals will now be funded by the government but you will still have to pay for any older children in school.

School meal prices will increase in September to £1.90 a day and £9.50 a week for those of you that need to pay.

If you require any further information please contact school

Thank you