The truck challenge.

We started the week by joining in the whole school challenge of making a barrier to stop a moving toy lorry running off the edge of a hill and hitting a dolls house.

In teams we developed our ideas and created our models using a range of different materials.

The egg challenge

The whole school was challenged to create a device that would save the egg from being smashed when it was dropped.  In small groups we developed our ideas and created our protection vehicles.

Some children created parachutes others made padded boxes to transport the egg.   Although we were unsuccessful in the challenge we learned a lot about joining materials, working together and which materials were most useful to protect a delicate object.

Magnetic fishing

As a class were investigated which materials and objects were magnetic and which were not.

Taking turns we used a magnet on the end of a pole to fish out objects then we recorded in magnetic and non-magnetic piles.  We then used sorting circle to decide which object contained all magnetic materials, all non-magnetic materials and which, were a combination of the two.

Can you name 5 magnetic materials?

Is wood magnetic?

Could you pick up a 10 pence coin with a magnet?


The bubble challenge

We blew bubbles and recorded that they were transparent.  Our challenge was to investigate if we could change the colour of the bubbles.

First we recorded our predictions.

We decided to change the colour of the bubbles by adding different coloured inks, food colouring and paint

To test our theory we went outside to blow bubbles.   We could not see any changes although some children thought they could see that some bubbles were a darker shade than others.

So we could test out theory further we made bubble pictures.

Do you think we changed the colour of the bubbles?

Have a look on the display that is being developed outside Class 2 to see what happened and if we were able to change the colour of the bubbles.