During this half term we are looking at teeth in Year Three.

In Science we looked at the different types of teeth and what they are used for.  We have created a replica paper model of our top set of teeth.

Within our literacy lessons we have been writing stories about the tooth fairy and looking at what is expected in our writing so that we can do our very best work.

Below is an example of some of the writing that the children have done….

By Heather Snell

One cold night Heather’s tooth was really wobbly and it wobbled forward, backwards and it went round, it also bled so Heather went to her mummy.  The next day in PE her tooth fell out and Miss Middleton put her tooth in a bag.

After school Heather ran home with her mummy and when she got home she hurried up stairs to her bedroom and put her tooth in her frog tooth box.  Next Heather had her tea.  After she had eaten tea she went to bed she got dressed for bed and then she got in bed.  Then she fell asleep and not long after she heard a little voice and she woke up.

Heather was looking for the source of the voice.  Just then she saw a tiny fairy.  Heather was very shocked.  The fairy wished,

“I am the tooth fairy I have come to collect your tooth.” 

Heather replied, very shyly,

“My name is Heather.”

“Would you like to come to my pearly, white tooth castle?”  The tooth fairy whispered. 

“Yes!” Heather replied.

The tooth fairy waved her magic wand and Heather began to shrink.  Heather was astonished. The tooth fairy took Heather’s hand and suddenly the tooth shot into the moonlit sky.  Heather was amazed by the sparkling tooth castle.  The castle had pearly, white turrets made of teeth and there were even statues made of teeth.  The tooth fairy dragged her into the tooth fairy castle and there were pictures of her everywhere in the castle.

The tooth fairy showed Heather around the castle it was a spectacular sight. 

“Would you like to have some food?” asked the tooth fairy. 

“Yes I would,” Heather replied, the food was delicious.  “Can I go home,  I’m very tired?” 

“Yes you can,” said the tooth fairy.  Heather then held her hand and they took off into the moonlight. 

When she got home she jumped into bed.