Good Morning Year 3!

I am missing you all so much. I hope it is not too long until we can all be back together again!

I know that you will have been working hard, but I do hope that you have spent some time with your families doing lots of fun things too.

Lots of you may be running out of work to do soon, so I thought I would give you a few ideas of learning that you can do at home. I am including some learning for you to do this week with this email, but there are lots of other things that you can also do.

Summer Term Week 5

Summer Term week 4

Summet Term weeks 1-3





There are lots of websites available at the minute with resources that will help you to continue with your learning until we can be back together. Here are some of them:

This is a fantastic new resource which gives a new lesson every day. Just click on Year 3 and the subject you want to look at.

This will help you to keep up with your reading. There are lots of free books for you to read and some fantastic activities on this site.

This is a great site for maths. It has a daily lesson which gives you some information and examples and it has activities which are like the ones we do in school.

This is a brand new resource, only launched this week. There are daily lessons available in all subject areas, you just need to go to the Classroom area and choose Year 3 and the subject.

Remember to keep playing TT Rockstars, read every day and use Spelling Shed to practice the spellings we have learned so far!

Our new topic for this term is Tremor, and is all about earthquakes and volcanoes. I would like you to use your imagination and write a story all about a journey you make to a volcano… Why do you need to go? Who are you with? What can you see/hear/feel? What scary things might happen along the way? Will you make it to the volcano? How will your story end? I can’t wait to read them!

You could also use some of your time at home to have a go at some research and maybe make some wonderful creations! Don’t forget to send me a picture when you have finished them!

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Stay safe everyone!

Mrs Smith

Reading Comprehension Year 3


Y3 Home Learning Pack