Our first topic in Year 3 is teeth and healthy eating.  Over the last two weeks we have looked at the food pyramid and discussed classified different types of food.  Discussing how much of each food group is good for us each day.  As a class we have researched different foods and created our own food pyramid.

As part of our topic within our Literacy sessions we have been writing stories and have created our own tooth fairy stories.  Shown below is an example of the children’s work.

First I went outside and I saw one of my friends and he threw a snowball at me, it was an amazing shot.  Although it knocked my tooth out.  The snowball was hard and made my face cold.

So I went inside to tell my mum, “Good go and put it under your pillow.” she said.  After I showered I went to bed.

Then I heard a noise.  Opening my eyes I saw something light up.  The fairy had shrunk me! She took my to her castle.  It was pearly white and made out of teeth.  We went inside and into the beautiful library.  I could choose any book, so I read a tooth fairy story it was great.

The fair then showed me around the rest of the castle it was shiny and tidy.  After a while I became tired so the tooth fair took me home.  I leapt into bed and fell back to sleep.

Alister Kendrick