In the afternoon of Monday the 16th May, Miss Broadley took Class 3 on a trail around the grassed area near the playground.  We were amazed to discover a strange object coming out of the soil in the vegetable plot.  On further investigation, with one of the children in the class even feeling brave enough to touch the object, we were astonished to find out that it was the hand of a skeleton!

Fortunately Mrs Wilcock had a camera ready so we could record the evidence as we uncovered it. We were then able not only to re-assemble the skeleton in its correct anatomical order but were also able to set up our own crime scene board in class.

The children really enjoyed this activity, with many of them saying that it had helped them to learn more about where our bones actually are in our body and what they actually  look like rather than simply relying on  a diagram in a book.

The children also learnt a valuable lesson in teamwork and the importance of working co-operatively on a task.

(This was of course not a real skeleton)