Throughout science week class 5 and 6 worked together to develop scientific enquiry skills to help answer questions based on our scientific findings.

 We investigated

  • What make the best rocket?
  • Which is the best tea bag?
  • What makes a strong bridge?
  • Which sunglasses offer the best protection?

 The week was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and members of staff.

Our favourite investigations were…

Bridge Builders

What makes a strong bridge?

We discovered the design of a bridge is very important and we had to carefully plan and analyse how we could build the strongest bridge using just 30 art straws. We found that triangular beams used only a few of our straws, they were simple to build and helped to strengthen our bridges. Our strongest bridges held over 100 pennies in a pot!

Scientifically Tested Sunglasses 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Blast off! 

What makes the best rocket?

We found that bottles with a larger capacity held more air and when air was pumped into it it cause it to shoot off and travel a greater distance. (Beware – this investigation causes the rocket launcher to get splatted with water and washing up liquid!)


Tea Tasters