Class Teacher – Miss Broadley

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Simmonite and Mrs Wilcock

Expectations- Throughout the year the children will mature and develop their independence. They will be expected to complete all of their work the best that they can.

We have high expectations for behaviour and all children will be encouraged to follow the school and class rules at all times. A range of rewards are in place to celebrate achievements which the children know.

Children are all expected to take responsibility for their actions and to respect others at all times.

A consequence ladder is used to encourage the children to make positive choices at all times.

Punctuality and Attendance

The children need to arrive promptly at 8:50am to give them enough time to complete their morning challenge. All parents are welcome to support their child with the activity. Key Stage 2 finishes school at 3:10pm.

Dress Code

Heelies are not permitted in school. Uniform must be labelled; unclaimed lost property will be sent to charity. Mobile phones and other items from home are not permitted.

PE Kit – This must be labelled and hair fastened back, no jewellery, white t-shirt, shorts, tracksuit bottoms, trainers for outdoor games.

The children will need their PE kit to be in school for our PE lessons on Wednesday and Thursday.  If your child is chosen to do football as part of Golden Time they will need there kit on a Friday.

Our topics for the year – These will be shown on the schools website so keep checking for new entries.  The first term is Teeth and Hea

Literacy and Numeracy Targets

These will be set as and when your children achieve their previous targets they will be displayed in the classroom with your child’s name.

Writing targets will be clear and your child should be able to say what they need to do to improve their own work.


A sheet will be given modelling how all letters should be joined. All children will be encouraged to join their handwriting. (Any additional practise at home would be greatly appreciated).


This will be set every Thursday and should be returned within the week.  If this is not return your child will be asked to do this in school as it is an important part of your child’s learning.


Spelling books will be sent home on a Monday but they need to be returned by the Thursday of the same week.  Make sure you use the advice given in your child’s book so that children can practise their spellings.


Children are expected to read at least 3 times per week. This reading should be recorded in the child’s diary to ensure that they earn rewards at the end of each half term.

I need to see reading diaries at least once a week.

There are some handy hints for parents in the front of the diaries and examples of questions which you could ask your child to check their understanding of the book read.

At home time your child will only be allowed to leave with a known adult, however, if some one different is picking your child up please can you inform myself or one of the Teaching Assistants.  Finally, if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to me at 3.10pm.

Thank you for your support,

Miss Broadley.