Class Teacher – Ms Roddis

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Middleton and Miss Shaw

Expectations- Throughout the year the children will mature and develop greater independence. They will be expected to complete all of their work the best that they can according to their ability. If I do not think that your child is achieving their potential and their work is not as good as it could be then they will be repeating work in their own time or it could be sent home as additional homework. We have high expectations for behaviour and all children will be encouraged to follow the school and class rules at all times. Children are all expected to take responsibility for their actions and to respect others at all times.

A range of rewards are in place to celebrate achievements which the children know.

A consequence ladder is used to encourage the children to make positive choices at all times.

Punctuality and Attendance

The children need to arrive promptly at 8:50 to given them enough time to complete their morning challenge. All parents are welcome to support their child with the activity.

Dress Code

Red, Navy and white.

No football kits for PE

No heelies or shoes with heels.

Label all clothes with your child’s name, unclaimed lost property will be sent to charity.

PE Kit – labelled and hair fastened back, no jewellery, white t-shirt, shorts, tracksuit bottoms.

The children will need their PE kit to be in school all week

Topic for this term – Buildings and Transport

The children will learn about the history of different buildings and what materials are used to construct these. Part of this work will include science investigations where the children will be expected to investigate the properties of the different materials, collecting results and evaluating these.

The second topic this term is Transport. The children will look at different vehicles throughout time. We will ask for boxes to be sent into school at this point as the children will be creating their own models.

Literacy and Numeracy Targets will be set this half term and you will be given a copy. Numeracy targets will have ideas and possible questions for you to ask your child.

Writing targets will be clear and your child should be able to say what they need to do to improve their own work.

Homework- For the first half term the children will receive 1 piece of Literacy and 1 piece of Numeracy homework per week, which all children are expected to complete and return to school.

Spellings – The children will all receive spelling each week which they need to practise. The more often they practise the quicker they will remember them! Spellings will be sent home on Thursday for a test on the following Wednesday.

Reading – Children are expected to read at least 3 times per week. This reading should be recorded in the children’s diaries so they can earn their rewards at the end of each half term.

Finally, we are really looking forward to working with your child this year and if you ever have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to one of the class team before school or after school. If you require a longer meeting we will book an appropriate time upon request.

Thank you for your support,

Ms Roddis, Mrs Middleton and Miss Shaw