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Mela Festival

Some of the children took part in the Mela Festival on Saturday at Clifton Park. The children performed a dance that they have been practising for several weeks.
Well done to all the children who took part and thank you to the parents and carers for taking them.

Newsletter 6 July 2017

Next School Years Dates – September 2017

Monday 4 September 2017 – Inset day –

Children back in Tuesday 5TH September

Autumn Half term holiday

Children break up Friday 27th October

Back to school – Monday 6 November 2017

Christmas holiday

Children break up Thursday 21st December

Friday 22nd December – Inset Day

Back to school – Monday 8 January 2018

Spring Half term holiday

Children break up Friday 9th February 2018

Back to school – Monday 19 February 2018

Easter holiday

Children break up Thursday 22rd March 2018

Friday 23rd March – Inset Day –

Back to school – Monday 9 April 2018

Thursday 3rd May – Inset Day – Polling day

Summer Half term holiday

Children break up Friday 25th May

Back to school – Monday 4 June 2018

Summer holiday

Children break up – Friday 20th July

Monday 23rd July – Inset day


Classes for September 2017

F1 – Mrs C Gerstel

F2 – Miss A Miller

Y1 – Mrs Malin whilst Ms Roddis covering Y3 then it will be

Mrs Malin and Ms Roddis

Y2 – Miss N  Wilkinson

Y3 – Ms Roddis then Mrs E Jessop after her maternity leave

Y4 – Mrs K Black

Y5 – Miss C Short

Y6 – Mrs J  Edwards

The children will be visiting their new classes after registration on Thursday 20th July


Miss Shaw

During the summer holiday Miss Shaw is getting married and from September her married name will be Mrs A Nicholson. We would like to wish her all the best for her big day.

Magna Mayhem…

Time Travellers!

Class 5 had a fantastic day travelling back through time to the ‘Swinging Sixties’.  We were able to experience what it was like to live in the 1960 and had the chance to model the clothing, listen to a range of music using the jukebox, explore lifestyle changes and even ‘launch’ a space rocket!

Rotherham Power

Our aim is that Rotherham’s children, young people and adults are able to participate online and have the wisdom to make wise choices, empowering them to be resilient and have the responsibility for their own behaviour.

We love the internet and it’s important that we all know how to behave online. We love technology and our lives seem permanently connected in one way or another nowadays. We should embrace this, but it can be hard with so many negative stories in the news about risks, dangers, online bullying and radicalisation

It is so important that we are able to manage our online activity in a safe way. This website will provide information and links to resources that will enable us to enjoy the internet but keep oursleves safe from any of the dangers.

The Big Blast

The children in Year Five have been learning Brass Instruments all year. On Monday they went to Magna as part of the children’s festival to play their Brass Instruments with many other schools in Rotherham.

The children performed several tunes and they really enjoyed the experience of playing as part of a big group

Year 3 went to Rother Valley Country Park to learn about rivers.

First the children walked around the lake.  Then they  completed a river studies workshop before exploring the rest of the park.

Picture This

All the children have been working on art work for this years theme for ‘Picture This’  based around the artwork of Children’s Games by Pieter Bruegel.

Flemish painter, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, painted “Children’s Games” in 1560. The painting provides a window into amusements and recreations in the past in its detailed depiction of some 200 children engaged in nearly eighty different games and play activities.

The children used this picture as a stimulus to produce their own pieces of art work depicting children’s games.

Some of the children’s work has been chosen to go to the ‘Picture This’ Exhibition which is taking place at Magna.