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Foundation 1 2023 - 2024

This weeks key text is Jasmpers Beanstalk.  The children have cut out pictures of the story and placed them into the story sequence. They will retell the story from their pictures.


Foundation One have been learning how to throw an object into a target zone in P.E.  The also had to wait and take turns.


Foundation One key text was Jaspers Beanstalk. The children have planted their own broad beans so let’s see who’s beanstalk grows the tallest.


Foundation One have been learning about EID.  The children had a visit from a parent who helped them make their own Samosas and dips, and listened to stories about the celebration from a member of staff. 

EID 1.PNG EID 24.PNGeid 29.PNGeid 30.PNGeid 34.PNGeid 35.PNGEID 2.PNGEID 22.PNGEID 21.PNGeid.PNG

F1 have been finding different ways of making ramps. They rolled cars down and found different round object’s to roll down too. Some ramps were higher than others and they tested which ones made the cars go faster. They also had a go at pushing the cars up the ramps to see what happened.

build 1.PNGbuild 2.PNGbuild 3.PNGbuild 4.PNGbuild 5.PNGbuild 6.PNGbuild 7.PNGbuild 8.PNGbuild.PNGbuild 9.PNG

Foundation One pupils have been exercising their fingers. They have had to concentrate when threading the ribbons through the tiny holes and balancing the pom-poms using the tweezers.

fingers 1.PNGfingers 2.PNGfingers 3.PNGfingers 4.PNGfingers 5.PNGfingers 6.PNGfingers 7.PNGfingers 8.PNGfingers 9.PNGfingers.PNG

Foundation One children have been learning all about Road Safety.

road 5.PNGroad 3.PNGroad 2.PNGROAD.PNG

Hello from Foundation 1

In F1 we love to play and learn!

Our staff team are, Miss Donna, Mrs Ward and Miss Sinead

Our PE days are Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon.

Please remember to bring your book bags everyday.

We offer 30 hours chidcare for 3 and 4 year olds. please visit www.childcarechoices.gov.uk 

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