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At Kimberworth Community Primary School we believe that our children should grow to see themselves and others as significant and valued members of our school, local and global community. They learn that differences between communitites are to be celebrated and appreciated and are enouraged to develop their sense of awe and wonder at the natural world in which we live. 

Through our RE teaching, we aspire that the children will learn about religions that they may encounter both in our local community and the wider world community. This is achieved through the delivery of the Rotherham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, which has been approved by the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education.

The syllabus supports the teaching of the principal religions of the UK and children will, as a minimum, learn about the religions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism during their time at Kimberworth.Teaching about non-religious world views is also integrated into the syllabus, allowing children to develop an understanding of world views such as Humanism. Children will encounter these religions and world views through exploring special books, people, times, places and objetcs, and will listen to and talk about religious stories. Children will build confidence in asking questions and reflecting on their own feelings and experiences and will be able to express their ideas clearly. 

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One Community Achieving Together
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One Community Achieving Together

We work to ensure that every member of our school community is able to reach their full potential by developing the knowledge, skills and confidence needed for their future life.

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